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Calling all Cool Cats of the Art World

Seeking Artists for CatGPT's Beta Launch 

How it works

CatGPT utilizes the latest innovations in generative AI to create stunning cat art of your pet.

Image Upload.jpg

Photo Upload

We'll need some photos of your cat. For the best results, upload 8-12 pictures. 

Magic brush B.jpg

Avatar Creation

Sit back and relax while we train an AI model specifically for your pet.

prompt B.jpg


Write your own prompt, or choose a stunning image from our gallery to see it with your cat!


"An HD photograph of my cat exploring Mars."

Screen Shot 2024-01-06 at 12.50.33 PM.png

Beta Program

We love our artists and highly value their opinions! To help make CatGPT the best it can be, all we ask is that you:

Use CatGPT to create some images

Complete a brief survey about your experience

Attend a 10-minute Zoom interview to share your final thoughts and feelings about the product.

Join Beta

Want to get involved? Let us know by completing the form below 👇

Thanks for submitting, human! 🐾

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